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Unrar easily opens & creates compressed file archives for every file format.

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Unrar makes file management easy

Organize Your Hard Drive Efficiently

Create file archives of similar groups of files & save space on your hard drive too!
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Send and Share Files Easily

Upload & send large batches of photos and documents when they are in a compressed archive.
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Lightweight Application

Unrar is fast & portable, so it doesn't take up a lot of your memory or hard disk space.
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Open Rar Files Open 7zip Files

Unrar: the simple file archiving solution

Open Winrar Files

Opens and archives any file format

Unrar is fully compatible with any format of document, image & more. Open or compress whatever files you need with no hassle.

File Compression

Automatic Self-Extraction

Opening compressed files is as simple as double-clicking! Unrar's self-extraction means less work & hassle for you.

Uncompress Files

Simple and Easy Interface

Unrar's functions are easy to understand. You'll be opening compressed files & creating file archives instantly.

zip and unzip all these file formats

Unrar is fully compatible with multiple compression archive formats, whether they use an open source or proprietary compression algorithm. Compatible formats include:

Zipped File

7-Zip Compressed File

ARJ Compressed File Archive

Binary File Archive

Bzip2 Compressed Archive

Microsoft Cabinet Archive File

Compiled HTML File Archive

Unix General File Archive

Debian Software Package

Apple Disk Image Archive

Gnu Zipped File

Hierarchical File System Archive

Disk Image Archive File

LZH Compressed File

LZMA Compressed Tarball

Microsoft Windows Installer File

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

WinRAR Compressed Archive

Red Hat Package Manager File

Unix/Linux Tape Archive File

Universal Disk Format File

Windows Imaging Format File

Extensible Archive Format File

Unix Compressed File

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Unrar is a file archiver - just like WinZip or WinRAR. Unrar can open compressed files or compress files. The best part: Unrar is completely FREE.

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